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Thursday, August 20, 2009

MolliCoolz Shakers

MolliCoolz Logo

MolliCoolz Shakers offer an easy way to satisfy your craving for a deliciously, thick and creamy milkshake at home. No need for a blender, or even an ice cream scoop. Just check out your grocer's freezer. MolliCoolz Shakers come in single serving containers filled with free flowing ice cream beads. All you have to do is add milk, replace the container's cover and shake. Shakers are available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cookies n' Cream. Or customize your Shaker by using different beverages to enhance the milkshake experience.

I was sent several MolliCoolz Shakers to try! I loved the chocolate! It was so yummy! It tasted just like a chocolate milkshake! It was so easy to make! It did take longer than 30 seconds for me to shake mine up well though. Also, make sure you put the lid on tightly... if you don't it can get messy, trust me! I really enjoyed the Shakers! My boyfriend liked the strawberry! He is excited to create a delicious orange dream sometime! Cookies & Creme is also really good! I can't wait to add in coffee or brownie chunks! YUMMY!

MolliCoolz Chocolate Milk Shaker

I would definitely recommend trying MolliCoolz Shakers! Oh, the vanilla is good too!


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