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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Binaca Breath Spray Review

Binaca, the premium name in breath fresheners for over 75 years, has re-invented itself with two new different styles of portable, instant breath fresheners!

Binaca Breath Spray

Binaca® FastBlast® and Binaca® Aerosol Sprays: These are not your Mom’s Binaca drops – the ones that were shaken onto the tongue to handily counteract stale breath. Instead, a new generation of spritzables make sure kissability is always a possibility. Delivering Binaca quality, great taste and fresh breath in one swift and stealthy spritz, spray is the way to go when you’re on the go. Offered in a lipstick-sized tube, Binaca Breath Freshener Aerosol Sprays come in bright Peppermint or Spearmint flavors. Binaca FastBlast is a small non-aerosol pump bottle that fits just as easily into a pocket as an impossibly small purse, in Peppermint and brand new Cinnamint.

In an ideal world, the best kiss would be picture perfect down to the last detail. Romantic music would swell, fireworks would explode overhead, and breath would always be fresh. Binaca, the company that has been making kisses sweeter for decades, presents its top ten kissing spots and scenarios, many inspired by screens big and small. Just be sure and keep Binaca FastBlast or Binaca Aerosol at the ready, and the fantasy could come true!

I got to try these breath sprays recently. I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of them taste like medicine or something gross, but are cool and fresh! The packages recommend 2-3 sprays. However, my boyfriend and I found that 1 was more than enough for us! I really enjoyed the Cinnamint Fastblast Breath Spray. My boyfriend prefers the Spearmint Aerosol Breath Spray.

The Binaca FastBlast single pack comes in Cinnamint and Peppermint and is good for 300 spritzes. It goes for only $2.49!
The Binaca Aerosol Breath Freshener is available in Spearmint and Peppermint. It's good for 150 sprays and it's MSRP is $2.49.

The sprays are available at Walgreens and most major food, drug, and mass market retailers nationwide or at

Binaca Breath Sprays are "a kick in the kisser!"


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