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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Song Review

The Last Song Book

THE LAST SONG by Nicholas Sparks

I'm a really big fan of Nicholas Sparks and when I was given a chance to read his newest book, The Last Song I was really excited!

The #1 bestselling author Nicholas Sparks's new novel is at once a compelling family drama and a heartrending tale of young love. I've read many of Nicholas Sparks books and thought I knew what to expect and wouldn't cry while reading this one. However, I was wrong.

The main character Ronnie is easy for me to relate to because we are close in age (she's 18 and I'm 19). This story takes place the summer after she finished high school and portrays her first love and the relationship between parents and children. It is a beautiful story. I'm a daddy's girl and instantly felt for Ronnie when dealing with her dad. I also appreciated Ronnie's little brother's presence in the novel (I love kids).

To say that I cried while reading this book would be a lie... I balled my eyes out! I actually read most of this at college and hoped that nobody could hear me crying because they might think something was wrong. But, it was just me enjoying another Nicholas Sparks book.

If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks, this is a definite must-read! It doesn't disappoint! Or, if you just enjoy stories about first love and relationships, then this is a great book!

The Last Song can be bought on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


  1. Glad to hear such a wonderful review. I finally bought "The Last Song" today and hope to read most of it tomorrow in between classes! Can't wait to see how this one ends! Thanks for the review :)

    ...from Tennessee

  2. oh wow, i might read it.

    but the thought of miley cyrus portraying ronnie makes me really... annoyed.

  3. I have to agree on the whole Miley Cyrus thing. I hope she doesn't suck. I really would like to enjoy the film and I don't know if I can with her in it. I didn't realize until after I read it that she was in the movie.


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