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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mayfair Lane Review

Mayfair Lane Logo

I received a couple of Mayfair Lane products to review. Launched in the spring of 2008, Mayfair Lane has the gift market buzzing with its innovative products and fresh designs. Its patent-pending Happeez® product line is made up of simple, classic gifts that take gift-giving to a whole new level by virtue of their being both uniquely stylish as well as extremely practical.

Sue Russell, Mayfair Lane’s Founder and CEO, combined her finely tuned marketing skills with her constant search for the perfect gift. After working with 3M Post-it® products and elegant stationery lines from Boatman Geller, she made an important discovery. All notepads and decorative items for the refrigerator, even the most beautiful ones, were backed with magnetic strips. These strips worked for many households but not for those with a stainless steel, glass or wood paneled refrigerators, to which magnets do not stick. And so, Happeez® were born.

Happeez® Notepads, Clippers, Photo Frames, Whiteboards, and List Pads contain a Happeez® material that grips to stainless steel and other slick surfaces such as glass, mirror, aluminum, plastic or vinyl. Unlike a magnet, Happeez® products protect surfaces from scratching and marring, and will not leave a residue. If the product loses its grip due to dust build-up, users can easily revive it by spraying the back with water or a vinegar-based window cleaner.

Mayfair Lane Notepad and Clip

I was sent the notepad and clip pictured above from the Happeez collection in Twilight Stripe! Aren't they cute?! I love to make lists and I know this will come in handy at college! I can attach the stuff to my mini-refrigerator! I can also clip a picture up! Yay! I also think the "to review" clip pictured above would be helpful for bloggers! Of course, I'm in love with the "sweets - cupcakes" stuff!

Cupcake Notepad

Check out Mayfair Lane the next time you need a clip, notepad or even photo frame for your refrigerator!


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