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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Euroflex Monster Floor Review

Euroflex Monster Floor Cleaner

Euroflex Monster Floor is a steam mop and floor cleaner!

Euroflex Monster

The Monster:

* Cleans and sanitizes
* Stainless Steel boiler
* Ergonomic handle
* Lightweight & easy to use
* Double steam jet
* Adjustable steam level
* Easy to use controls
* Includes 3 Microfiber pads
* Ready in 3 minutes
* Steam ready light
* Power on light

I was lucky enough to get one to try! The Monster left our kitchen floor looking really clean, as you can see below! I think the floor even feels cleaner! This is a really good steam mop and I don't feel bad about using it because it just takes water, not cleaning solution! I would recommend getting the filler funnel, I spilled some of the water as I was putting it into the Monster. It is very easy to use! I also appreciate the fact that handle is adjustable! Overall, a very good steam mop!

Clean Floor

You can check out the Monster here or view all of Euroflex's fine products here.


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