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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marx Foods Palm Leaf Plates Review

Marx Foods

When I saw Marx Foods call for bloggers to review their Eco-Friendly Disposable Palm Leaf Plates, I eagerly signed up. As a college student, it's hard to use and wash real plates in the dorm. I often rely on disposable plates at college and then feel bad for throwing them away. However, these plates make me feel ok for using them. This is because they are made from a leaf! How awesome is that? They simply gather the fallen leafs from the ground and use them! I think that is a great idea! You can read their website to see more about how palm leaf plates are made!

So, on to the review! Seeing as the plates are from leafs, I wasn't sure how sturdy the plates would be. However, to my delight, they are really nice and tough! They are even better than those flimsy paper plates! They are also look pretty! Here are some pictures for you from when I had some chocolate chip cookies on them!

Marx Foods Palm Leaf Plate

And, here is a close-up!

Eco-Friendly Leaf Plate

The leaf plates look so good that when I was done with the plate my mom asked what she was supposed to do with it! She thought that it was too pretty to just throw away! How is that for a compliment? I had to explain to her that it was made out of leafs and that it would get soggy if she tried to wash it. Haha! Gotta love moms! :)

These plates also come in an assortment of shapes and sizes! They carry squares, hexagonal, rectangles, and round plates. They have small and large plates. They also offer bowls and silverware!

Disclaimer: I received some round plates for free for this review. No other compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.

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