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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheryl and Company Bad Experience

You may recall that I once did a Cheryl and Co Review and Giveaway where I talked about how good their products were and how the cookies could actually crumble in my hand.  Well, having had a good experience with them, I thought it was safe to actually place an order with them (for various reasons).  I’m sad to report that I was wrong. 

I placed my order on Friday (the 21st) and was delighted to be able to pick which cookies and brownies to get in my selection.  I understood that since it was late on Friday, they would not ship until Monday.  So, I was excited when I received a shipping confirmation via email on Monday.  However, there was already an issue.  Cheryl and Co. was shipping via UPS, which makes sense since it’s a perishable good.  However, my issue was that when I was checking out, the site made me enter a USPS address.  It would not allow me to enter my house address because it could not be verified by USPS as an actual address and I had to enter my PO Box to submit an order.

Well, the confirmation showed I would get my order on the 26th.  I just figured that the UPS thing was a mistake or maybe they had figured out my physical address.  I was wrong.  I waited all day yesterday and nothing ever showed up.  At about 9 pm last night, we received a phone call from UPS.  They wanted to know our house address!  So, my mom gave it to them (she was the one who answered the phone) and I figured everything would be ok after all.

Broken Cheryl and Co. Flower Cookie Well, I just received my shipment and am upset because of the condition of the cookies!  The picture above shows what I received after waiting an extra day and worrying about it.  3 out of the 10 cookies are broken!  That means that both of the Frosted Chocolate Buttercream Chip Cookies I ordered are in pieces!  Here is a picture of one of  them!  It’s actually the better of the two!Broken Frosted Chocolate Buttercream Chip CookieLook at my poor Famous Buttercream Cut-out cookie!  It’s supposed to be a cute flower!  Broken Buttercream Cut-out Cookie

Well, maybe I’m over-reacting a bit.  However, I feel let down considering the wonderful experience I had from them when I did my review and giveaway.  This is not what I expected from them and I just wanted my readers to know what may happen if they took my previous advice and ordered from them. 

I’m just curious, has anyone else ordered from them?  What was your experience?

Update: Cheryl and Co. has contacted me to send me a replacement for my order. I must say I am impressed with the timely response and nice people working there! :)

Disclosure:  I did not receive these cookies for review.  I actually ordered them on my own and received no product or compensation for this post.  Although, Cheryl and Co. is welcome to try and make up for it to change my opinion.


  1. AWW! They need appropriate packaging is all. UPS and Fed-ex are beasts when it comes to handling a package! Dare not mark it fragile they through it harder-teehee!

  2. Why not contact them and give them the chance to make it right before blasting them publicly?

  3. Glad to hear they are sending you a new shipment. They look delicious even though a bit crumbled, and I'd love to order some and try them out so please update us on how the new ones they send turn out.

    Thanks much for your reviews! =)


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