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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got2B Smooth Operator

got2b Smooth Operator Logo

Thanks to BzzAgent, I received some samples of Got2b Smooth Operator smoothing lustre lotion to try.  This lotion can be applied to dry or wet hair and it protects your hair!  I’ve been using it when I straighten my hair to guard against heat damage.  The lotion also has UV protection, which is great for summer! 

What I really like is how soft and manageable it makes my hair.  It makes hair soft because it has a cashmere infusion.  The BzzKit had a great quote to describe the softening effects of it, “Imagine a baby chic, draped in velvet, on a silky down pillow in the middle of a cloud and you’re almost there”.  Isn’t that funny?  got2b smoothing satin dropsHaha!  Really though, I was impressed with how it makes my hair feel.  Usually a hair product that protects your hair leaves the hair sort of crunchy like a hair spray would (which I hate) or it will make the hair sort of sticky (and clumps together and causes tangles).  However, this didn’t do that.  It made my hair soft and silky!

Another issue I usually have with these sort of products is the scent.  Most hair products with protection have a funky smell.  This lotion makes my hair smell really good, even my boyfriend liked it!  : )

I also must comment on the adorable packaging of the entire Smooth Operator line.   I like how they use the color pink since the line is meant for goddesses! got2b hair products charm I also LOVE the charms on the bottles!   There is a heart with lock and key that represents you unlocking your inner goddess.  There is also a glittering heart that symbolizes you expressing yourself and letting your heart shine.  Finally, there is a “charm me” shield that is supposed to symbolize the strength and power of self-expression to create beauty!  Isn’t that awesome?  I think Got2B is a really creative brand that is making new and awesome hair products for everyone (they do make some men’s products).  I would love to try more of their products.

Thanks BzzAgent!

Disclaimer:  I received samples of got2b smooth operator lotion for review purposes.  No compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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