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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wilderness at the Smokies Review

I had a blast at Wilderness at the Smokies

Well, you may have read the I'm going to post or guessed where I was going in Wilderness at the Smokies Roomthis post.  Now, I’m back and ready to share with my lovely readers about my wonderful trip!  First, I wanted to do a post about the  waterpark resort that I stayed at.  That’s right.  I got to stay at a lovely resort that has a waterpark on site!  How nice is that?  Let me start by talking about the swanky rooms! 

I got to stay in the portion of the resort that is connected to the indoor waterpark!  The picture above is of the beds, couch and balcony of the room.  I love how the room decor goes along with the Motel balcony viewwilderness theme.  The wood of the beds and table are sort of rough around the edges (not rough to touch).  The beds are actually pretty comfy!  The couch in the background is really nice, too!  It is comfortable and roomy!   

Here is a picture of the view from our balcony!  It was a nice and relaxing balcony.  The resort even gives you two chairs and a foot hotel balcony chairstool to relax on outside.  Doesn’t that look calming and nice?  It was nice to step out at night when it was cooler and just enjoy being away for the night.

This next picture shows the cute table for two in the room and the wonderful tv and stand in the room.  Wilderness at the Smokies ResortMy boyfriend went with me on my trip and we enjoyed a nice little breakfast at this adorable table.  It made for a nice start to the day.  The rooms also come with a flat-screen television and dvd player!  We actually watched some tv on Wednesday night and the tv is really nice.  Also, in this picture you can also see how the wood goes along with the wilderness theme. 

Smokies Stove topAnother great thing about the rooms at Wilderness at the Smokies is that each room comes with a mini-kitchen area!   This area includes a mini-refrigerator, a cook top, coffee maker, microwave and sink.  It is nice to have so that you don’t have to go out into Sevierville, you can just stay in and cook your meals.  It’s also a great way to save money (the meals at the resort are a bit pricey and we didn’t try any of the food there).  They also include a mirror with another sink for a vanity type area.  That means there is two sinks in the room!  I think that is a really nice touch. 

Now, on to the waterparks!    Since I stayed only one night, we hit up the Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark.  The indoor park  has 2 tube slides and 2 adventure slides under a see-thru Texlon roof that allows you to get a year-round tan!  Indoor WaterparkIt also has a wave pool, a kiddie area Washout Mountain, the Smokies SurfRider, and a regular pool.  My boyfriend and I rode two of the tube slides.  Here is a picture of the 4 slides.  We rode the purple and yellow ones.  We went down the purple one first and it was so much fun.  Then, we tried the yellow one.  I’m glad we did the purple one first.  The yellow one gets completely black/dark at one point and I didn’t expect that.  It scared me!  I was too chicken to try the Storm Chaser (the orange and white one)!  My boyfriend really liked the Great Wave wave pool.  He went into it two or three times.  He liked trying to go against the waves.  I enjoyed relaxing in the 3.5 foot regular pool.

inn hallwayAs you can tell, it’s a great place for people of all ages (it also has a 36-hole golf course)!  It’s a nice place for families!  You can go and enjoy the park during the day and then not have to drive home.  My ONLY and very tiny complaint about the whole place is the long walks.  Here is a picture of the hallway that our room was on.  I took this at the end of the hall to demonstrate that I’m not just being your average lazy person.  Hehe!   However, I definitely think if that’s the only thing I could find wrong with the place, then it is really awesome!  The long halls wouldn’t stop me from visiting again (actually, I would love to go back and experience the outdoor waterpark).  I just want my readers to feel like they’ve actually been there and seen the whole place.  Wilderness at the Smokies provides a fun experience for the whole family and even has a friendly staff!  The check-in and check-out were quick, easy, and painless!  I would definitely go back there! 

Disclaimer:  I received a free night at the Wilderness at the Smokies.  However, I was not obligated to review it.  No compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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