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Saturday, June 19, 2010

SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp Review

SeaPak Shrimp Co. Logo I recently got to try some SeaPak popcorn shrimp for review.  My dad is a big seafood fan and I am pretty picky about what seafood I will eat.  We decided to try the popcorn shrimp because that is something that is seafood that I will usually eat.  One night my mom fixed it for us for dinner. 

SeaPak FishI found the popcorn shrimp to be tasty and delicious.  I thought it had a nice texture to it.  Here is a more close-up picture of the popcorn shrimp.Popcorn ShrimpDoesn’t it look pretty good?  I thought the popcorn shrimp was good.  It didn’t smell real “fishy” if you know what I mean.  It smelled fresh and yummy.  My dad liked it as well.  This is something that is truly easy to fix (we just baked it in the oven) and it pleases the whole family.  I think we will probably be eating this again.  SeaPak provides families with an easy way to eat something that is part of a healthy diet if eaten twice per week.  That’s right, fish can be good for you.  My dad actually wishes I would eat fish more often.  This is a great way to do that. 

SeaPak is a crowd pleaser.  My mom likes it because it is so quick and easy (a requirement for food in our house).  My dad likes it because it’s fish.  I like it because it tastes good. 

Disclaimer:  I received a coupon for a free SeaPak product for review purposes.  No compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own. 

1 comment:

  1. I tried seafood once out of the box and I never tried it again. I was very displeased with the taste. Maybe I will give this brand a try. I love shrimp!


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