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Friday, June 11, 2010

Titanic Museum Contents

Titanic Pigeon Forge In this second post on the Titanic Pigeon Forge I want to share with you some awesome things that are in the museum.  The museum features over 400 artifacts in 30,000 square feet!  I want to make sure, however, that you know that these artifacts are NOT ones that have been brought up from wreckage site.  Titanic Maiden VoyageAll of the artifacts have either been brought off of the ship by survivors or were retrieved during rescue efforts at sea.  This is why the museum is affiliated with the Titanic Historical Society
The museum has 20 galleries and a half-scale reproduction of the ship.   The self-guided tour takes at least 2 hours (my boyfriend and I spent a little over 3 hours there).   One of the first things you see is a map that displays the route the Titanic was supposed to take on its maiden voyage.
Titanic 3rd Class CabinAnother awesome sight in the museum includes a third class cabin that is recreated to size and style!  Although, passengers were not given sheets or pillow cases (they did receive blankets and pillows).  The hallways there are also to size!   It’s worth noting that even though these cabins had 4 beds, there was often more than 4 people in the room!  I was told on my tour that it was common to find people sleeping on the floor!   I was also sort of surprised to find out that there was only 2 bath tubs for third class passengers on the ship (one for women and one for men). Down from this cabin is something I think is kind of creepy.  There is a gated area that has lights flickering and is flooding with water!  The water is held back with glass.  However, it lets you understand what it was like to be a third class passenger when the ship began to take on water and sink! 
The museum also includes a to size replica of a first class suite!   It is truly beautiful!  You can see the first class traveled in style on this ship.  Titanic First Class SuiteI was told that in today’s money, a first class passenger would have paid $22,000!  The first-class suites were bigger because often times they brought their help with them on the ship.  This suite is similar to the one seen in James Cameron’s Titanic film (where that famous drawing scene with Leonard DiCaprio/Jack and Kate Winslet/Rose takes place). 
One of the things I was most excited to see was the Grand Staircase reproduction!  Isn’t it beautiful?  One thing I learned while there was that the floor of the grand staircase was something wonderful… linoleum!  Can you believe that?  I mean we think about all of the grand things on the Titanic and the flooring was what we have in our kitchen!  Haha!  Either way, I think the grand staircase is just wonderful!    Titanic Grand Staircase
One of the artifacts that I found to be interesting was in the Titanic Memorial room.  The only life vest that can actually be tied to a specific Titanic passenger (Madeleine Astor) is surrounded by the list of passengers and crew with their fate.  I thought the story of this life vest was interesting because it was worn by an 18 year old who did not take it off until she reached land because that’s what her husband told her to do.      Titanic Memorial Room
Other wonderful things in the museum include photos and footage of the Titanic wreckage.  I also liked that the museum includes maids and crew members who are dressed in the proper attire and speak in time period accents!  They are all very lively, informed, and nice! 
Tomorrow’s third and last post will feature some of the more hands-on, interactive, and children’s activities. 
Disclaimer:  I received free passes to the museum for review purposes.  No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own. 


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