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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Titanic: An Interactive Attraction

Titanic Museum In my third and last post on the Titanic Pigeon Forge, I am going to cover the more interactive and hands-on side of the museum experience.  This museum is not just for adults that are fans of the Titanic, it is for everyone!  When you enter the museum, you become a passenger on the ship!  Everyone is given a boarding pass with the information of a real passenger from the Titanic!  I was Susan Cook and my boyfriend was Father Browne!  My passenger has a tooth in the museum because I had a toothache and had to have the tooth extracted after I got to New York! TOT Titanic My boyfriend was someone really cool that I will cover in a moment!
John and Mary have included a TOT Titanic portion in the museum!   It is here that children can really interact with the museum!  There is a game where children can try to steer the ship and avoid the iceberg!  I tried it and hit the iceberg!  I’m told that it’s really hard to miss it! 
Titanic InclineBeside the TOT Titanic you can send an SOS signal!  You can also sit in a half-size lifeboat and listen to survivor’s stories!  You can even try your hand at tying knots!  Another children’s favorite is trying to climb the inclined decks!  There is three different inclines that children (and adults) can try to climb up and stand on!  My boyfriend actually tried to climb up all three!  The third one was especially hard!  Also, you can have your picture taken at this point in the museum!  Then, they place the Grand Staircase and Captain’s Wheel behind you! You can pick up these pictures in the gift shop and even upload them to your Facebook! 
Another cool part of the museum is the deck of the ship!  You step out onto to the deck and the room is kept at the same temperature that it was that fateful night!  It’s really chilly!  You can also touch a real iceberg that is constantly growing!  Then, you can place your hand in water that is the same temperature as the water was the night the ship sank!  Titanic Boiler RoomThat water is 28 degrees!  It’s really cold!
Another interactive part of the museum allows you to shovel coal in the boiler room!  I’m a wimp and thought the shovel was very heavy!  I couldn’t imagine having to do that for 12 hours a day!  Not to mention, it would have been hotter than it is in the museum! 
By now, I’m sure you want to know more about who my boyfriend was!  My boyfriend was lucky enough to be Father Browne!  Father Browne is the reason we have any pictures of the Titanic sailing!  He was a photographer and he took many pictures of the ship.  Luckily, he had to get off of the ship in an earlier leg of the trip and survived!  The museum has a whole gallery of his pictures!  Father Browne Titanic Gallery
As an education major, I also appreciated the “Did You Know” facts throughout the museum!  Titanic Did You Know This keeps children engaged throughout the museum!  Oh, and there is also a 6 minute (or so) video a little over half-way through the museum with seats so you can sit down if you are tired or need to rest. 
My boyfriend did not know much about the Titanic when we visited the museum, however he really enjoyed it and learned tons!  I’ve been a fan for years and still had fun!  I loved it!  I guess this just goes to show that the museum is great for everyone!
Disclaimer:  I received free museum passes for review purposes.  No compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. thanks for posting- sounds like a great trip and one I want to take my daughter to when she's older!


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