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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something Every Woman Needs

eUndies logo

If you are easily offended, you may skip this review.  However, I see no problem with featuring this website because they offer a great selection of something everyone needs – underwear.  That’s right eUndies carries cute panties!  I’m a believer that you can never have too many pairs of underwear!  So, when I had the chance to work with the newly re-designed/launched, I was happy. 

I like eUndies not only for their adorable underwear at great prices, but because they carry sizes that fit more than the average woman.  That’s right, they have plus size underwear and cute ones at that!  eUndies  was generous enough to send me 3 pairs for this review.  Wow!  One of these pairs was the Darling Diamonds Bikini, pictured below in brown.  Mine actually was brown and it’s very nice.  The inside is soft and comfy while the outside is cute and sort of shiny.  The brown has some diamond print on it with a cute little bow on the top of them.  This is a really nice pair of underwear!  I have worn them several times now and have enjoyed wearing them each time.  They don’t bunch up or give me any wedgie issues.  ; )  Also, they are only $2.99 and they come in navy blue as well!  How is that for a deal? bikini panties

The other 2 pairs were of the same style, but in different colors.  I can’t find the exact ones on the site and I’m not taking a picture.  lol  However, they are similar to the ones pictured below.  I got a white pair and a black pair.  They are sort of lacey and have a pretty design.  The fabric is of good quality and not something your finger would accidentally go through (that has had happened to me with some really poorly made underwear) when you put them on.  I also liked the elastic waistband on these, they aren’t underwear that falls down through the day.  They did however, give me wedgies.  Haha!  I think that might because I have a big butt!  : )  Either way, they are nice and I’ll continue to wear them.  This pair is only $2.99, too!  Wow!  What a great value!    boyshort underwear

eUndies has recently been re-done to include some awesome new features, which add to the whole experience!  For starters, there is a “soft add to cart” feature that allows you to add items to your cart without being redirected away from your current page – how handy!  They also have an “Add this” button, so you can share what you want with your family and friends.  You can also now review items! 

eUndies is a really great site owned by some awesome people.  I want to thank Shauna for being so nice through this whole review and re-launch time!  Since the date for the launch kept being pushed back, she even provided me with a nice $10 giftcard which I just used to buy 2 more pairs of underwear! Yay!  Thanks, Shauna!  : )

The next time you need some new and cute underwear, check out eUndies!  Also, if you decide to purchase something, you should be able to use the code:  PCM3 to get $3 off a $15 purchase!  For a $20 purchase, you can save $4 with the code:  PCM4.  Also, if you plan on stocking up and spending $25, use the code PCM5 for $5 off!  Or, if you are in a spending mood and spending $50, use PC10 for $10 off!  Wow!  Talk about a wonderful site!  I hope you check them out!

Disclosure:  I received 3 pairs of underwear for review purposes and a gift card.  No other compensation was received.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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