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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Job Coach for Young Professionals & Giveaway

The Job Coach for Young Professionals Book

I received a copy of "The Job Coach for Young Professionals: The Workbook You Need to Land the Right Job" by Susan Kennedy and Karen Baker.

"College grads have a tough time in the workforce: the turnover rate is 64% in the first three years of employment. Why? College grads can get a job but they aren’t getting the right job. They also don’t realize that finding the right job is a life skill that can be used throughout their professional lives.

Now there is a resource for finding – and keeping – that dream job: The Job Coach for Young Professionals.

This interactive guide begins (Assess Myself) with a complete self assessment of skills, interest, work values. The reader will learn who they are, what they’re good at and how this translates into the right job. The second section, Prepare Myself, helps the reader prepare for an interview, from the answer to “Tell me about yourself” through those tough interview questions and salary negotiations. The third section, Sell Myself, teaches the reader how to conduct an effective job search. Even the most timid of readers will perfect the skill of networking, the right way to use a job board in a job search as well as how to plan and execute a successful search.

The fourth section, entitled Succeed gives practical advice on how to prepare for the first day and how to manage your career."

I really enjoyed the Assess Myself section. I discovered that my top five skills were: Research, Counseling & Serving, Organizational, Training & Consulting, and Administrative. I was not surprised by my two lowest skils: Building/Mechanical and Creativity. I also learned my top five interests: Counseling & Serving, Organizational, Training & Cousulting, Interpersonal, and Administrative. I was surprised that my top skill was Research because I'm so tired of doing research papers! However, I guess it makes sense after thinking about how much time I spend on the Internet and reading. I was also surprised with Administrative skill and interest, I hadn't expected that one.

This workbook is great for anyone trying to find a job, not just your first one! I believe this is a great thing to have around right now because of the economy and the competitive job market. I like how the workbook even gives the reader advice for the interview and after wards. I appreciate it giving examples of Thank You letters, which I believe there aren't enough of these days! I also liked the examples of a Resume and Cover Letter! This is a wonderful book for recent graduates, soon-to-be grads, and those just looking for a different (and better) job.


One Laughing Lindsay reader can win a copy of the Job Coach for Young Professionals!

To enter: Tell me why you need a copy of the workbook.

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Giveaway ends on November 16 at 11:59 pm EST.

The winner will be chosen via random number generator the next day and notified by email. If I don't hear back from the winner within 48 hours of sending the winning email, I'll pick another.


*Open to US residents only

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the workbook for this review.


  1. I need this for my son who is having trouble finding work in his field.

  2. I need a copy of this since I had to go back to school after being downsized out of a job. My age will be working against me too.

  3. i'm out of work, and need to find a job quick

  4. I need this book because the company I worked for closed my office after 15 years--and I don't know where to begin again.

  5. I need this because I'm looking for a better job right now, and it's definitely not easy!

  6. I have your button

  7. I entered your Letter Tree giveaway

  8. My problem when I interview is sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, and brain lock. I need a coach to guide on how to show the real, intelligent me during an interview, to let the prospective employer know what an asset I can be for his/her firm.

  9. i have a teen that will soon be looking for a todays economy...they need all the help they can get

  10. I would like a copy because Im a freshman in college, and this could come in handy.

  11. For my brother!

  12. I don't need the book because I'm not young. But, my daughter who is trying to make it in the movie biz out in LA LA land could use it. She is working in the executive side of the biz but finds that jobs are a lot of times temporary. She has lofty ambitions of being a producer and I think this book will help her. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. I follow on Twitter and tweeted here:


  14. I'm a blog follower. Thanks! trishden

  15. I'm subscribed to your feed in my google reader. Thanks!

  16. I need a copy because my husband lost his job.

  17. I'd love it for my husband, he's looking for a better job.

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