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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Blog Conference Focus Group Application

We Blog Conference Badge

Being such a new blogger I have never attended a blog conference or any other blog related event. This is mostly because of money. Being a college student means I don't have much money. If I do have money it tends to go towards food or books (no lie). I also blog in my free time (which during the school year tends to be very little time). This being said, I don't have the time to hunt down and get dozens of donations for a blog conference. Another reason I haven't gone to a conference is because of the distance. I live in Southwest Virginia(not to be confused with South West Virginia :) ). Most conferences are hours away from me and I'd have to take a plane to get there.

Then, I found out about the We Blog Conference and Focus Group! Both events will be taking place in Tennessee and will be virtually free thanks to various sponsors! There will be lodging at the wonderful Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN! Thanks to the generosity of The Discovery Store, most of the trip is free. For the Focus Group all I would have to come up with is transportation and a lunch on Monday! The co-founders of this great idea are Kelli of 3 Boys and a Dog and Jyl at The Post-It Place!

I found out about the We Blog Conference several months ago and was instantly interested in applying for their Focus Group taking place in May of this year. However, I didn't apply right away for various reasons. I have given it some serious thought and decided that I should apply for this lovely opportunity because, to quote William James, “He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed.” At least this way I won't wonder "what if" and have to sit back and watch those lucky 8 people having fun and learning lots about blogging!

I want to be a part of this very lucky group because I know I have much to learn about blogging and this seems like the perfect opportunity for me to do so. Also, I would LOVE to meet new people. I feel like I don't get out enough and this would allow me to socialize with new people and hopefully form new friendships (since we all would automatically have something in common)! I also REALLY want this because I need something to look forward to. I mean sure, I'm looking forward to summer (which starts the first full week of May), but I mean something to do. I currently don't have any plans for my summer break and this would be something awesome for me to do and to be able to say that I am attending!

I also think there needs to be someone to represent the younger, non-mommy bloggers there. I see TONS of mommy bloggers around the internet, but very few young college students without children. I can bring a young person's perspective to the table for this experience. I can also provide insight from someone still establishing and building a blog/readership.

If chosen to participate in this wonderful event I would love to learn more about making my blog better in general. I know I have a good start, but I'm not sure where to go from here. I would love to discuss blog layout, if possible. I've been debating for sometime about getting a new one, but I have no idea where to go and which to pick! I'd also like to know more about SEO since I hear about it a lot, but I'm not really sure how to take full advantage of it. I would also love to hear more about what is planned for conference!

Disclaimer: This is simply an application for a contest. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed are my own.


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