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Monday, September 7, 2009

Kusmi Detox Tea Review

Kusmi Detox Tea

Summer means time to slim down and get out in the sun! And for those of us with fairer skin who tend to burn, it also means torture in air conditioned rooms! There's no better way to rejuvenate the body and keep warm on those cool summer nights than with a high-quality detox tea! If you enjoy drinking a cold glass of iced tea, iced green teas are great for hot summer days. Green tea contains a substance called theanine, which has been proven to boost moods, lower blood pressure and increase a sense of relaxation. Everything good to chill out this summer!

It's no secret that tea has been recognized as an important part of a healthy diet, especially the green varieties which contain important antioxidants. This is why Kusmi Teas of Paris, a brand known for its traditional Russian style teas for the last 140 years, has introduced Detox Tea to their product line. Kusmi's master blenders have chosen premium green tea leaves and lemon grass in order to make a delicious beverage that purifies, invigorates, and slims the body. Packaged beautifully in classic tins that can also make for a great base for a summer arts & crafts project or as a beautiful shell container, Detox Tea is a great way to revitalize yourself and your skin after those long days at the beach or poolside!

Green Tea

It's a blend of Maté, chinese Green Tea and lemon grass full flavored with lemon.
It's delicious plain or sweetened. The combination of Maté and green tea virtues -- diuretic and stimulating properties, richness in antioxidant -- makes Kusmi Detox the perfect companion for slimming and detoxifying diets. Known for its tonic properties, mate does not have the side effects generated by caffeine.

Its origins are found in China and Brazil. The main flavor of the tea is citrus. I could smell the citrus before I even got all of the plastic wrap off of the box! It is good to drink any time of the day. This tea is really refreshing and innovative! It's a great way to end the day and a fantastic way to end the summer!

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  1. It is wondeful and for the past month, I have been drinking it and feel great. The taste and


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