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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beau Bain Bath Bombs Review

Beau Bain Bath Bombs

Beau Bain has a line of beautiful Bath bombs, scrubs and cremes! Their signature "Bath Bombs" are hand-made in Portland, Oregon, with the absolute finest ingredients from all over the world. Their products are all paraben, sulfate free and not tested on animals!

They also go by a core set of beliefs:

* The Best Products & Ingredients Excellence is required, no matter what it takes
* The Customer is First Not just the experience with our products, but service too.
* The Environment For far too many, it's just lip service. We mean it.
* Giving Back We've been fortunate, and it's our responsibility to help others who haven't.
* Having Fun Life's too short to burn the candle on both ends. Everybody smile!

I recently received some of their bath bombs to try! I must say, all of them smell delicious! It was fun to just sniff them all! It makes me look forward to taking a bath! The bath bombs also make my skin feel soft, an added plus that many bath products seem to overlook these days.

Check out Beau Bain today!


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