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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BSAT Official Study Guide Review

BSAT Official Study Guide Book

"None of this information is useful, and very little of it relates to a student’s real life. Provocative math problems should help one decide the percentage of dateable guys in a college dorm; crazy word problems can show a graduate how to be creative in drafting their resume without actually lying; and snarky analogies are to tests what humor is to readers!

Endorsed by no one, accepted everywhere it is, the downright dirty and completely useless B.S.A.T. represents both the fun missing from the standardized tests and the best time-waster that doesn’t need a dial-up connection!"

Having been a junior/senior in high school, taken the SAT, and had an SAT prep class I was excited to see this book. It takes SAT type questions and makes them fun! I appreciate the fact that someone else realizes how boring the SAT is. Not to mention, you don't need to know much of the stuff on it! You'll be happy to know that you CAN learn something from this book! It can build your vocabulary!

They also have a website called BSAT World that even has a question of the day (like the SAT's)! Today's question is about Gossip Girl! "Blair Waldorf's closet contains 200 dresses, 100 tops, 50 skirts and 75 pairs of shoes. In theory, how many different outfits could she put together?" Check it out to see if you can get it right, I did!

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