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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What He's REALLY Thinking Review

What's He Really Thinking Book

What’s He REALLY Thinking?

By Paula Rinehart

Thomas Nelson Publisher

“Relating to men is a daily immersion in another world.” Paula Rinehart recalls on her twenty years as a counselor, as well as studies and research to help women become better equipped to live with men. She also uses her own family and friends for stories to prove her point.

By using scientifically proven statistics, Rinehart opened my eyes to interesting things that I’d never noticed about men and women. She helped me better understand my boyfriend, whom I discovered was part Nurturer, part Scientist.

I loved the fact the Paula used quotes at the beginning of every chapter. It was like getting prepared for a new journey into the male psyche. She does refer to God and the Bible more than I thought she would. However, it definitely helps prove her point and engages the reader.

I believe Stasi Eldredge sums it up best, " ... a very relatable book (written)for every women who wants to grow in understanding and loving the men in her life."


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