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Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Logo

Crazy Dog T-Shirts has tons of t-shirts! There's something for everyone! Like this one:

Peanut Butter jelly time shirt

Or, this one:

Dope Sauce Shirt

It took me a while to decide on one shirt. In the end, I chose this:

Bayside Tigers Hoodie

I picked it because when I saw it I instantly remembered watching Saved By The Bell on TBS in the morning before I went to school, when I was younger. Plus, I thought it'd be cool to own a Bayside Tigers Hoodie!

This hoodie is really soft! I mean really soft! I love it! I ordered a large because I wasn't sure how it would fit. It's a bit big, but that's the way I like my hoodies to fit. It's awesome (I know, I might be a dork)! ;)

I also wanted my readers to know that they can WIN one for themselves. Crazy Dog T-shirts has a free daily giveaway! You can find out more about it here.


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