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Friday, July 31, 2009

Jamar Labs All Natural Wipes Review

Jamar labs logo

Jamar Labs makes three different wipes for different parts of the body. They have Wipe Your Face, Wipe Your Feet, and Wipe Your Hands. All of their wipes are 100% Natural Cotton, flushable/biodegradable, paraben and phthalate free. I got to try all three!

I first tried the Wipe Your Face. I used it at the end of the night and it was very refreshing! I love that it's 100% natural cotton, it isn't rough against my face! It has a non-soap makeup remover in it that doesn't irritate my skin. It comes in a pretty orange package and smells clean! These wipes contain aloe and chamomile.

Next, I tried the Wipe Your Feet. I used the wipes after walking around in black flip-flops all day. The wipes left my feet feeling cleaner and sweeter! These wipes come in a bright green package and do a great job absorbing odor. It contains eucalypus and menthol.

I used the Wipe Your Hands last because I wanted to wash my hands after touching my feet. The wipes made my hands feel very clean. The wipes arrive in a cute purple package and leave behind a pleasant scent! These wipes contain lavender and chamomile.

Jamar Labs Wipes

Check out Jamar Labs to try them yourself! You can order a sample 5 pak for only $1.95! A full 30 pak is $7.95.


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