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Sunday, January 10, 2010

POM Wonderful Juice

POM Wonderful Juice

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice is a little bit sweet, a little bit tart and a whole lotta healthy.

All of POM Wonderful Juices:

* contain no added sugars, preservatives or colors
* are a good source of potassium
* are gluten-free
* are flash pasteurized to retain both flavor and nutrients
* are certified kosher

I recently received some POM Wonderful juice to try! After hearing how good it is for you, I was happy to try it! I must admit, I am a bit overwhelmed by the taste of the juice alone. It packs a lot of punch of taste in a little sip! It's more like a kick in the mouth! Having tried the juice, I decided to see what this great juice could do in the kitchen!

My boyfriend and I made cupcakes! We bought some French Vanilla cake mix and Buttercream frosting. When we made the cupcakes we decided to put in less water and replace some of the liquid with the juice. Then, we baked them! We also added some juice to the frosting! I was afraid what the cupcakes would taste like.

However, the juice gave the cupcakes more zing! The cupcakes are sweet, but not too sweet! I really like them! Here is a picture of some of the cupcakes!

POM Cupcakes

As you can see, the juice did change the color of the frosting and cupcake just slightly. However, it wasn't as drastic as I had thought it would be. Overall, POM Wonderful is a great way to add something healthy to your diet without making big changes or sacrificing taste!

Disclaimer: I received 4 free bottles of POM Wonderful juice for this review. I decided to bake the cupcakes and bought the supplies myself.


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