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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lone Star Legend Review

Lone Star Legend Book

I recently received a copy of Lone Star Legend by Gwendolyn Zepeda to review. I was first interested in this book because it is about a woman who keeps a blog and tries to keep her identity from being known. She writes about her personal life, including boyfriend and parents on this blog. However, because she never identifies herself or others she thinks that she can keep this blog as a little secret where she can complain and let off some steam to her readers.

Things take an interesting turn when the company Sandy has been writing for is taken over by a larger company. This new company forces Sandy to write about celebrities and to be nasty about things. When the website she writes for gains popularity, the site's readers find her blog! This causes Sandy much embarrassment as her ex-boyfriend reads it and so does her mother. The story follows Sandy as she tries to deal with her increasingly demanding job and personal life that is ruined by her blog.

This just goes to show that just because my picture isn't on here and I don't name my boyfriend or family doesn't mean that people can't figure it out. Lone Star Legend is a good read and I'd recommend it.


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